RECIDIVIST IV/ Secret Acres Edition


The 2015 zine version is gone, gone, gone. But the amazing folks at Secret Acres did this new, "remastered" version, so you can have it, right here. It's still a book that you have to wrestle with (in all of the ways), (very much) on purpose. No, its NOT 9 color Riso with a silver spot pass printed on my offset press, then hand assembled and everything else; it's the same beast, in different skin-- full color offset throughout, shot from the originals renders the art with clarity the riso couldn't match on its best day, and the silver text is FAR more....dealable. It's not like any other book, only now it's perfect bound with a cool flexi cover. 6 3/8" x 6 3/4", 56 pages. No one gets out of this mess without cracking some eggs, so get cracking. love, zak.